Men Who Con Women

Stephen Konan in Europe

Scroll less than half way down to read my experience with him in 2004.

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Women, let's stick together and make it harder for men who hate women to con and hurt us!  And leave the way open for really good men....

~~~ 2010 update:  I found out some new information on Stephane Konan.  He now has videos out showing his 'business'.

 He also has a new website called  There are more photos of him there.  Here are the latest photos I have of him.


He added his "business" to to make it look authentic.  In French:  In English:


 ~~~ 2009 update: Stephane Konan has probably removed a lot of the links on this page, but I will leave them here on this website for informational purposes.    He tried in the past to get me to remove this website by threats and contacting my internet domain provider and even instant messaging me once, but I blocked him from making further contact.  ~~~

(update 12/06:  the last woman to have had an experience with Stephane Konan called the Paris police number I provided below and the police told her there was no such report (at least that is what she told me).  I believe the Paris Police may have gotten tired of getting calls from women who read my website and had called to find out if it were true.  But, I have helped a few women from being taken by this man, and for that I am glad to have saved them some misery.)  


UPDATE!  Oct. 22, 2004.  Mr. Konan, the con man, is currently sending me emails pretending to be someone else and is threatening me with 'legal action'.

~~~~ 2004 update: His latest fake identity and email: (Adam Bevan) ~~~~


I made this website to warn women of a con man I personally had a bad experience with in May, 2004.  I hope to save you from the hurt and depression I went through over this whole ordeal, back when I foolishly believed that people were inherently good.

He used the name Stephane Konan and said he lived in Paris, France.  He found me on a Yahoo Personals ad and chatted with me mostly using MSN Messenger.  He spent a lot of time convincing me that he was falling for me, and convinced me to fly from USA to Paris to visit him.  He also convinced me to wire him $500 USD so he could convert it to Euros (which of course I never saw) and he met me at the airport to only steal what ever cash I had on me and left me stranded in Paris for 13 days!  I didn't speak French, I knew no one, and had no money since I expected to receive my Euros from Stephane once I got to France.  I arrived in Paris on May 17th, 2004 and flew out of Paris on May 29th, 2004.  I stayed at: 
ibis CAMBRONNE - Tour Eiffel
2, rue Cambronne - 75015 Paris

Here are the pictures I have of him:

steph10.jpg (10858 bytes)     steph12.jpg (92547 bytes)  

The first picture is supposedly him at work and the last picture is him and his aunt.  

I made an official police report of the incident to a Mr. Mur on May 18th, 2004 at a local police station near where I stayed in a hotel on Cambrone Street.  The Police Station's phone number was and the police report code was 075/115/351.  ~~~ 2009 update:  I am not sure if this report is still on file. ~~~~


Here is all the information I have on him as of 2004:
His name and address and phone number.

Stéphane Konan
7 rue Berteaux Dumas
92200 Neuilly sur seine
Cell Tel. +33625827827
Home Tel. +33146430193

Stephane Konan sent me the following information on his bank account so I could wire $500 to him. (For informational purposes only)


RIB: 30076 02099 12433500200 59
IBAN: FR76 3007 6020 9912 4335 0020 059

Reference to include is (P/O DIBY AGATHE 02/09811 - 09739)
The account number is WITHIN the RIB: 12433500200-59


He said that he worked at

Contactez-nous au 01 58
61 96 99 ou remplissez ce formulaire.

He said his friend's name is Cyril Vergniol and also lived near him.

He used the screen name LEMANGUIER on to play chess.

He used the following email addresses:  ~~~~ 2009 update:  I doubt these emails are any good anymore but I leave them on here for informational purposes. ~~~~

Here are some of the profiles he had online.  ~~~ 2009 update: He has probably removed a lot of the links on this page, but I will leave them here for informational purposes.  ~~~ he used this one to chat with me on Yahoo Messenger.

His MSN Messenger ID name was Qadriya and his Yahoo Messenger ID name was Qqadriya.

I also found some links to the email address that may be related to him as well.

I also submitted this information to, , Florida Senators and Representative, Paris Police and the American Embassy in Paris and as of 8/17/04 it has not been addressed except by the American Embassy in France.  

He used a cottage at this place to convince me he had found a place for us to rent if I decided to move to France to be with him.  ~~~~ 2009 update:  This website is no longer available. ~~~~

He used this website as a company that he was supposedly starting up:     ~~~~ 2009 update:  This link is no longer valid, but was at the time of the incident. ~~~~  He said that he gave them his credit card number to start website, but that they wouldn't take a foreign credit card.  Now I realize he was hoping I would offer my credit card, but I did not.  He did the same thing with the rental of a cottage that he was supposedly going to rent for us, but again I did not fall for the bait and give him my credit card number.

He gave me the following names as his "business partners".  I am not sure if these names  or people are real.
Frank Amblard
Cedric Nicolas
Geny Yossa

Check out this lady's experience with a con man.  Sound familiar?  If so, dump him NOW!

Girls!  Be careful out there!  

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